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The Ministry Of Angels (BOOK DOWNLOAD)

By Apostle Frequency Revelator


A Divine Revelation of How To Personally Walk With Angels And Command Them To Perform Certain Divine Tasks.

The ministry of angels is part of our inheritance as believers. Yet, many are not receiving full benefit of their ministry because they don’t know how to activate it on their behalf.

In this publication, Apostle Frequency Revelator hands over the keys to activating the ministry of angels in your life, church, business or any human endeavor.

This book breeds a powerful revelation and insight on how to activate the work of angels in your life. The truth is that multitudes of people are trapped in a debilitating morass of poverty, lack, financial constraints and faces difficulties in their lives, ministries, marriages and carriers because they are not involving angels in what they are doing. God has released battalions of angels to help us but if we are ignorant of their presence or existence, we will not access all the help we need. Read this book and tap into the realm of walking with angels and have all blessings of God manifested in your life.

The reading of this revelation will culminate in the following realities in your life: -It will cause you to be sensitive to angelic presence-It will launch into a deeper angelic realm whereby you shall walk and talk with angels as if they are your friends.

It will give you authority and boldness to command and instruct angels to perform certain divine tasks on your behalf.-It will empower you with an anointing to cause angels to manifest physically in such a way that they are visibly seen in the natural realm just like human beings.

Presiding over a global network of apostolic and prophetic visions, in the capacity of the President of Christ Resurrection Movement (CRM), the Director of Global School of Resurrection (GSR), Senior Pastor of Resurrection Embassy (RE), the founder of Resurrection TV (The Dead-Raising Channel) and the pioneer of the renowned Global School of Signs and Wonders (GSSW), Apostle Frequency Revelator unpacks a plethora of rare but provocative revelations on the ministry of angels which is foreign to many believers across the Body of Christ today.

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