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Shammah Owner of my life I return all glory to you Hallelujah (Repeat)

Verse My redeemer Maker Lover of my soul Nothing is too difficult for you You are my keeper In sickness you’re my healer I will sing I will dance to youJehovah shammah

Choir Shammah The owner of my life I return all glory to you Hallelujah (Repeat) Call: Doctor said I was gonna die Jesus you healed me

Resp: Thank you, thank you lord Call: I was in penury destitute ,you brought me out

Resp: thank you, thank you lord

Call: I didn’t have a child, lord you gave me children 

Resp: thank you, thank you lord

Solo: chukwu n’eme mma imela ohChukwu n’eme mma imela oh oh oh Chukwu n’eme mma imela ohI return all glory to you hallelujah Shammah shammah

Choir repeats chorus 4 times

AdLib,Thank you oh Hallelujah Thank you Thank you Thank you Shammah Thank you oh Hallelujah Ainya ainya wune wune ainya Ainya owoicho ainya ohImela ohImela Chimo Nagode nagode nagode Na ba ka yabo oh Nagode nagode Oh God oh Thank you shammah Thank you shammah

Thank you hallelujah

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